The Holy Mother Mary Is God

The Holy Mother Mary Is God

  • Publish Date: 2013-10-21
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Kevin Peter Kelly
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The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD introduces the greatest mysteries which have been obscured from humanity for thousands of years. This unfolding of the truth that we all have been searching for is revealed to you not only in the authors words, but in the actual words of God. This Holy book carries the Light and Love of God and you will feel it when you are reading it. Like a great gateway, The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD ushers us into the new age that will bring us into a world of peace. This book is for everyone, no matter what system of belief one holds. We are from one spirit and the source of that spirit is Holy Spirit. Learn how the oneness of all exists in three aspects and how the Holy Trinity misinterpreted the true understanding of the third aspects of God. Learn about the Divine plan that began 2,600 years ago which planted the seeds for God to come to this Earth as a beautiful woman named Mary. The author Kevin Peter Kelly speaks about The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD: I have been studying the miracle of channeled messages from the Company of Heaven for more than thirty years. I have spoken to angels and other beings from the Other Side for quite some time, though Id never found what I would call a clear and direct connection to the angels until I met the woman we call the Oracle. She has been speaking to angels for more than sixty years, and to our beloved Malachi for more than thirty-five years. She is the channel by which most of the information in this book came to us. My wife Marina and I were introduced to the Oracle by a very spiritually gifted friend in 2011. We then began having sessions in which we received the words of Malachi, best known from his Earth life as the great Hebrew prophet of the same name. We received his messages, channeled through the Oracle, about once a month. After a few months of these sessions, we came to the realization that when we were not only speaking with Malachi, we were also speaking to a group consciousness known as the Great White Brotherhood of Light. This group, referred to throughout this book as simply the Great White Brotherhood, is the group consciousness of Mother/Father God, Jesus, the Archangels, and all of the Divine beings who have graced the Earth with their human incarnations. They are the ones who have mastered this realm of matter we call Earth. They are also referred to as the Ascended Masters. We have learned that many Ascended Masters are also Archangels. It has been an astonishing experience to speak with Jesus, Joseph and the Holy Mother. Their radiant words are in this book, so that now you can read exactly what Jesus and these Divine beings are saying to us and to all of humanity. They are here now to share the truth, and that truth can only be shared if someone from this planet asks the many questions needed to unravel the truth. Kevin and Marina are the ones who have climbed the ladder through great levels of truth. They have asked these Divine beings well over 1,500 questions, and those questions have led to the revelations in this book. There are Divine laws that govern this planet Earth, and even these highest Divine beings abide by the rules. Will The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD go down in history as the revelation of who and what God truly is? This book will help to cultivate the soil that will allow new seeds to grow into a balanced world of Divine feminine and Divine masculine.

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