What Is Zija?  What Is In Zija?  What Is Moringa?: A Business And Health Singularity

What Is Zija? What Is In Zija? What Is Moringa?: A Business And Health Singularity

  • Publish Date: 2013-03-23
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Max Hailey
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What's the full story about Zija International? The author has investigated and delved into Zija and its product line, as well as the Wellness Industry and Network Marketing, to bring you a comprehensive blueprint as to what you need to know BEFORE you have made the decision to join.

Who should read this book:
1. Anyone considering becoming adistributorwith Zija
2. Any Zijadistributor- Read this book before your prospect does!

This book is your due diligence. Find out:

Is the Moringa plant REALLY as good as they claim? What's the truth behind all the hype?

When is the Wellness Industry going to flatten out? Are you getting in ahead or behind the momentum?

What 4 factors do you need to be vitally sure of before joining ANY networking opportunity?

What is the top earner doing at Zija that others don't do?

What 5 factors make the Wellness Industry so viral and how can you tap into them?

Moringa, fact or fad diet?

What about all those claims? Could they be real? What's the bottom line?

Can thousands of weight loss claims be true?

Want to know how to cultivate your own Moringa? Step by Step instructions.
If you are going to start, how do you start....RIGHT?

The truth about the many guru's out there

How to find out what to say if you do get going with Zija

Four questions to ask yourself before YOU bring someone onboard

New super-secret way top networkers are building their social media presence and making it work, with Zero work!

What hypothetical example can close you more prospects - and how to frame it

Why being a super slick sales type does not work with Zija

Do you have the 3 T's for success?

The inside story on the Zija compensation model

Zija's autoship? YES or NO?

What are the REAL wealth earning strategies for earning big money with Zija? Ten steps you need to take

How to leverage technology to explode your business

Bottom line on Zija Products - 8 key factors you need to know

Timing - Is five year old Zija ready to explode or over the hill?

Take the time to read this book. It's much easier to find out NOW if Zija is not for you. You'll save the pain of signing up and finding out it was not what you expected, and all you will be out were the few dollars you used to pick up this book. That will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

On the other hand, reading this book could help you decide to make the best business decision you ever took by showing you the value of Zija International. The time you take to read this book will put you 6 months ahead of the game in learning how to be successful with Zija. Reading it will speed your success and help you get off to a flying start in your new business. You know you want to get started right and this book will make that possible by giving you a jump start!

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