How To Meet Your Spirit Guides, Angels And Power Animals: Spiritual Guidance On Demand In 5 To 10 Minutes, A Practical Guide (Volume 1)

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides, Angels And Power Animals: Spiritual Guidance On Demand In 5 To 10 Minutes, A Practical Guide (Volume 1)

  • Publish Date: 2012-08-31
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Ms Tianna A. Galgano
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Experience profound ways to achieve spiritual mastery in just five to ten minutes a daywhether you are a beginner or have been meditating for awhile.

This Practical Guide has fourteen meditations, designed to meet numerous types of spirit guides, including angels and power animals. It teaches practical methods for interacting with guides and how to experience spiritual inner journeys with them. There are suggestions for good questions to ask of the guides that provide quality answers and insightful information.

By practicing each meditation several times, it will become effortless to call on any guide on demand. A guide will appear instantly when spiritual help is wanted or needed.

Besides learning brand new ways to communicate with spirit guides, angels and power animals that are already in ones awareness, meditations include ways to call upon guides for any project or goal, such as writing, healing, learning a new skill, and so on.

Discover new spirit guides: Some of the meditations encourage guides to appear that one may never have thought about before, such as meeting with Higher Self, a money guide, a healing guide, and more! A bonus meditation: Merge With a Power Animal is a profound way to obtain an animals power through the bodys kinesthetic (feeling) system. One can then travel with the power animal as if seeing through its eyes.

Some of the meditations include shamanic methods of healing, such as soul rescue (soul retrieval), which helps one travel into the subconscious, find a past traumatic memory and then rescue the younger self trapped within it.

For those working on self-growth, abundance, creativity and/or healing, a unique meditation asks a spirit guide to lead them directly to a future self who has already become what they desire to be, or who has already achieved a goal. The future self will communicate and provide the steps necessary to achieve this goal. The future self teaches the present self how to become this new self. This meditation includes merging with the future self to achieve the feeling of mastery.

Children benefit from How to Meet your Spirit Guides. Children especially respond to angels and animal guides. Numerous stories are included of how children used the meditations to communicate with their spirit guides and the profoundly amazing results. This Practical Guide Book enables parents and grandparents to teach their children and grandchildren simple, effective ways to tune into Spirit and be able to get answers to troubling questions. Children have even been able to heal past traumas and transform negative emotions. The short meditations work well for children as young as four or five. Many of the longer meditations work great for pre-teens and teens.

Intuition Development: Several chapters include in-depth intuition training. Intuition is the primary tool for deciphering symbols and metaphors, whether experienced within a meditation, or a dream. The INTUITION LOCATION-FINDER exercise is included, which helps readers discover their intuitive voice, intuitive vision and intuitive feelings in a way they never knew was possible. From then on, a simple, directed eye-movement is all it takes to access ones Voice of Intuition, which allows spiritual guidance on demand, within minutes. One can achieve spiritual mastery by practicing the simple methods given in this Practical Guide.

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