Master Level Xuan Kong Da Gua: A Practical Course

Master Level Xuan Kong Da Gua: A Practical Course

  • Publish Date: 2011-02-14
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Mr Boris Abramovich;Mr Zoahar Oholiav
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There is an old Chinese metaphysics saying: Early heaven is the body and later heaven is the application . The Xuan Kong Da Gua is the supreme system that that proves it on a theoretical and a practical basis, by unifying the knowledge of the I Ching with the Chinese geomancy. This ancient Chinese system is extremely accurate is based on universal metaphysical laws applicable in date selection and Feng Shui. The Xuan Kong Da Gua is considered by many masters as the superior system which for many centuries was one of the most guarded secrets in the Chinese metaphysics. This system emerged in the west in the last decade and this is the first book on this subject ever to be published in the English language, although a few online courses on this system may be found. These courses are extremely expensive and concentrate only on the date selection. This unique book covers thoroughly both date selection and Feng Shui aspects of Xuan Kong Da Gua. The authors have an extensive knowledge on this subject they have been specializing in the field of Chinese metaphysics for more than a decade. They both have accumulated a lot of practical knowledge and experience which lead them to create special software to help them and their students with their research. This research revealed some astonishing findings which may sound as a science fiction to the layman in the field. Some of the most interesting cases appear in this book. Here are some real life examples of the power of Xuan Kong Da Gua: D.L. was an anonymous artist who struggled for living. After implementing Xuan Kong Da Gua recommendations in her apartment and studio and by using date selection, she gained worldwide recognition as a unique and appreciated artist. H.D. a divorced young mail which was unemployed that couldn't make ends meet. By using the Xuan Kong Da Gua he won a small apartment in a lottery. There are quite a few systems in Chinese metaphysics that deal with space and time according to Chinese metaphysical principles, like Qi Men Dun jia, Liu Ren, Xuan Kong Fei Xing etc. These systems rely heavily on intuition and experience. The Xuan Kong Da Gua is based on precise and logical principles and has less need for intuition and gut feelings in its application. The Xuan Kong Da Gua is the more applicable system for the western practitioner. The book divided into two parts. The first part gives a thorough presentation of the theoretical principles of the Xuan Kong Da Gua. The hexagrams are analyzed covering all facets of their structure including all aspects relevant to the Da Gua, supplying the reader with all needed tools for personal and professional application of this method. The book presents the subject in a clear and non complicated way. This book includes dozens of tables and illustration.

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