If At Birth You Don'T Succeed: My Adventures With Disaster And Destiny

If At Birth You Don'T Succeed: My Adventures With Disaster And Destiny

  • Publish Date: 2016-03-08
  • Binding: Audio CD
  • Author: Zach Anner
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Zach Anner is way more than an inspirational figure for anyone who has ever felt impossibly different: hes also a great f**king writer. Wise and funny, with unfailing insight into the booby trap known as the human mind, you will hang on every word as you watch him turn his considerable intellectual gifts into a life worth envying. I like that this book has no genre, and neither does this special man.Lena Dunham

Comedian Zach Anner opens his frank and devilishly funny book, If at Birth You Don't Succeed, with an admission: he botched his own birth. Two months early, underweight and under-prepared for life, he entered the world with cerebral palsy and an uncertain future. So how did this hairless mole-rat of a boy blossom into a viral internet sensation who's hosted two travel shows, impressed Oprah, driven the Mars Rover, and inspired a John Mayer song? (It wasn't Your Body is a Wonderland. )

Zach lives by the mantra: when life gives you wheelchair, make lemonade. Whether recounting a valiant childhood attempt to woo Cindy Crawford, encounters with zealous faith healers, or the time he crapped his pants mere feet from Dr. Phil, Zach shares his fumbles with unflinching honesty and characteristic charm. By his thirtieth birthday, Zach had grown into an adult with a career in entertainment, millions of fans, a loving family, and friends who would literally carry him up mountains.

If at Birth You Don't Succeed is a hilariously irreverent and heartfelt memoir about finding your passion and your path even when it's paved with epic misadventure. This is the unlikely but not unlucky story of a man who couldn't safely open a bag of Skittles, but still became a fitness guru with fans around the world. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love with the Olive Garden all over again, and learn why cerebral palsy is, definitively, the sexiest of the palsies.

Praise for Zach Anner

Zach makes you want to be a better person, with his humor and his heart and everything he's had to deal with from the time he was born. I've never met anyone like him, and I've met a lot of people. Oprah Winfrey

Zach Anner is a truly inspiring and hysterical human being with a warped sense of humor (and body). Hes also an exceptional writer and his memoir is an absolute joy.Rainn Wilson

Zach Anner is the living definition of giving better than hes gotten. Life dealt him a difficult hand but he managed to beat the house with humor, heart, and a fearless punk attitude. Required reading.Patton Oswalt

I love Zach Anner and I love his memoir. If everyone were a little more like Zach, the world may not be abetter place, but it would be funnier place, which is a great step forward.Alexis Ohanian

Hes a unique, creative kid with a smart, edgy sense of humor.Arsenio Hall

I think I speak for everybody when I say...I want to see more of Zach. John Mayer

Wonderful. . . Anners comedy is the peppy, uplifting sort youd expect from someone who Oprah says makes [her] want to be a better person, such as his elaborate Olive Garden metaphors for the nature of life. . . . Anner remarks wryly that being expected to act as an ambassador for the disabled is a tightrope walk, which is hard on four wheels. Maybe so, but with this book, he makes it look easy.Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Funny, empoweringAn inspirational memoir with a seasoned, infectious sense of humor[Anners book chronicles] his three decades of life (so far) with cerebral palsy, a permanent condition that hasnt prevented him from living his dream as a comic, a media sensation, and a motivational speaker.Kirkus Reviews

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