The Fat Burning Diet: Accessing Unlimited Energy For A Lifetime

The Fat Burning Diet: Accessing Unlimited Energy For A Lifetime

  • Publish Date: 1996-01-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Jay Robb
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By Jay Robb
256 pages (softbound)

Low-carb mania is sweeping the nation as Americans become carb-conscious in their quest to lose weight. While low-carb dieting can be effective in the short run, cutting carbs long term can carry many potential drawbacks, health risks, and challenges. An extreme low-carb diet can be monotonous, boring, too high in saturated fat, too low in fresh fruits and vegetables, too low in fiber, too high in meat, and fattening because it is high in calories.

Jay Robb has discovered the secret to healthy low-carb eating, which he outlines in his newly revised book, The Fat Burning Diet. The technique he created is called "carb-cycling," where the dieter eats low-carb meals one day and high-carb meals the next day. Then the cycle is repeated. Its that simple.

As a clinical nutritionist, Jay teaches glycogen management, which allows the dieter to sidestep the fat-storing cycle. Glycogen is carbohydrate that is stored in the muscle and liver. When a person cuts carbs, glycogen is depleted as the body begins burning fat as its primary source of fuel, while converting stored glycogen to glucose for secondary energy needs. The average person can store approximately 350-400 grams of carbohydrate as glycogen. The human body will convert excess carbs to glycogen first, instead of turning those carbs into fat. So the secret to permanent weight loss is to keep glycogen levels in check. Once a person lowers glycogen levels, then he or she can eat carbs safely until glycogen levels are full. Then the dieter must return to low-carb eating or run the risk of getting fat. This is why carb-cycling on The Fat Burning Diet allows a person to safely eat healthy high-carb foods every other day.

In the pages of The Fat Burning Diet, you will discover:

1. how to safely eat carbs every other day without getting fat. Now you can eat the carbs you love without feeling guilty!
2. how to lose all the weight you want, without even trying! Once and for all, you will stop worrying about your weight and start enjoying your new energized life!
3. how to turn a slow metabolism into a fat-burning furnace! You will be energized, and your metabolism will be running on high, which can melt away fat like butter in a microwave!
4. how protein can keep your mind focused and your memory sharp! You may be able to score higher on tests, keep your thoughts focused, accomplish more, and remember everything that is important in your life!
5. which supplements can help you gain energy and lose fat! You can stop wasting your money on useless supplements and focus on the ones your body truly needs!
6. an instant breakfast that requires only minutes to prepare but will supercharge your body. Now you can easily have a great fat-burning breakfast every morning without ever being late to work or school and slaving over the stove!
7. how to eliminate carbohydrate addiction and chronic hunger and feel truly satisfied after a meal. You may no longer be a slave to food or have the desire to binge!
8. which carbohydrates are safe and which ones can put you to sleep. You will no longer be tired and sleepy after a meal or snack so that you can be an energy dynamo from sunup to sundown.
9. how you can eat all that you want and anything you want once a week without blowing the diet! In fact, I encourage this once-a-week "ANYTHING GOES" meal so that you will never be deprived of any foods you truly love!
10. why diets that are TOO LOW in carbohydrate can limit your energy supply and stop you from losing weight. You can end your frustration with those typical low-carbohydrate diets that can crowd out all the good carbs! No more severe carb restriction. In fact, I encourage you to eat plenty of the right carbohydrates at the right times!

Twelve years of research was required to develop this uniquely satisfying and effective diet plan than can dramatically change the way you look and feel. If you are serious about your life, your looks, and your health, The Fat Burning Diet is a must-read for you. This 256-page softbound classic is complete with easy-to-understand information, exciting menus, delicious recipes, inspiring quotes, and humorous antidotes on the world of weight loss. This is a book you will enjoy, appreciate, and utilize for a lifetime.

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