The Monday Morning Motivator: How Good Could You Make It?

The Monday Morning Motivator: How Good Could You Make It?

  • Publish Date: 2014-11-05
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Gail Blanke
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Gail Blankes Mission: To Change The Worlds Focus From How Bad Could It Get To How GOOD COULD YOU MAKE IT?

Not long ago a woman wrote on my website that shed been driving through a small town somewhere in the southwest, as part of a solo journey to find herself. She drove by a small church and in front of the church was a sign. The sign read: If youve been waiting for the signthis is it. She screeched to a stop and just stared at it. She had absolutely no doubt that somehow the sign was put there for her. Its time, she told herself. Its time to do it! What in the world have I been waiting for?

The woman returned to NYC on fire. She re-read her answer to a question Id asked her months earlier: How good could you make it? And she acted. Not only did she act, she became unstoppable. She rediscovered her courage
and re-embraced her resolve. She re-invented herselffrom the inside out. And shes fallen back in lovewith life.

Gail Blankes Inspiration:

Ive written this book for her. And for the thousands of other wonderful, loyal people who have been reading The Monday Morning Motivator blog every Monday for five years. They - you - are my inspiration. Its your affection, encouragement and email messages (Whatever you do, dont stop writing these! or I know you wrote this one for me!) that have fueled my determination to keep them coming Monday after Monday.

Look, for sure these are tough times. But not surprisingly, they are exactly the right times to lift our heads, raise our hands, open our hearts and put ourselves and our egos on the line for an outrageous, best-idea-this-lifetime vision of whats possible.

My mission is to help you turn that vision into reality. Because, as our solo traveler friend discovered, its time...

Gail Blanke SaysIts Time!

time to know who you are, what youre made of and what the heck youre doing here.

time to look for, find and love the simple thrills in life. time to turn your own particular vision

of good into a glorious reality.

time to be one hundred percent you, not some watered down version to find your song and

sing it at the top of your lungs!

time to be therefor the people you loveand for yourself.

time to let go of anything that holds you back, saps your energy or curbs your enthusiasm.

time to get back in the game and play if for all your worth.

Yes, this books for you. So allow me to be your coach, your muse, your Auntie Mame (a part I played in college. Remember when Mame told the hapless Agnes Gooch to Live, live, live!?) Allow me to take you by the hand and the heart, Monday by Monday and to prove to you how good life is, how good you are...and how good you can make it..

Oh, and if youve been waiting for the sign this is it.

Its now a habit. Every Monday morning I must reach for my fix. I got used to sunshine and wisdom. It comes from the brilliant Gail Blanke. Originally in email form, now in a book. It revs up my mind and my soul. Yes, today and this week I have a chance to be a better person. Thank you Gail.
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