Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking Of Religion In America

Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking Of Religion In America

  • Publish Date: 2008-03-25
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Robert S. McElvaine
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Jesus never wrote a book, but I recognize his handwriting in Grand Theft Jesus. Like Jesus, McElvaine uses lively illustrations and a serious sense of humor to cleanse the temple of exclusive and exploitative religion.
The Reverend Alan Storey,Calvary Methodist Church, South Africa

Were mad as Heaven, and were not going to take it anymore! declares historian Robert McElvaine in this passionate and often hilarious rallying cry for sincere Jesus Followers. He lets the rest of society know that the extreme right wing wont be allowed to speak for all Christians any longer. His whip-smart, take-no-prisoners polemic lays bare the Christian Rights Easy Jesus creed, in which people who claim to accept Jesus get a free pass to lie in his name. Grand Theft Jesus exposes the televangelists and the leaders of megachurches as the people Jesus warned us aboutthe wolves in sheeps clothing of our day.

The religion that McElvaine calls ChristianityLite resembles schemes that promise Lose weight without diet or exercise! Its leaders say, Be saved without sacrifice or good works! Run by a crew of politicians, megachurch preachers, televangelists, hypocrites, and snake-oil salesmen, it has hijacked true Christianity and distorted it into something Jesus wouldnt recognize. Its leaders have taken the generous and loving ideals of Christ and twisted them into a religion that advocates war and intolerance, values money above charity, preaches hatred instead of brotherhood, and promises true believers the keys to the gates of the kingdom of Godand to the bank vault.

Jesus radical message of love and peace has been drowned out by the bluster, the hate, and the selfishness that often passes for Christianity in America. McElvaine names names in his list of Leading Lites who have earned spots on Jesus Ten Most Unwanted List and exposes the hypocritical (Ted Haggard), the disgraceful (Pat Robertson), and the shocking (Ann Coulter). Grand Theft Jesus blends outrage and humor in a compelling argument that will help to resurrect the real Jesus, who has been crucified and interred by the Right Reverends who recite the Apostles Greed, are pro-choice on wars of choice, and preach the Greater Gory of Christ.

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